Sometimes, it takes longer than you expect for the garage door to open or close when prompted by your remote or keypad. This is usually due to a need for additional lubrication.

If your garage door stops short of opening or reverses before it reaches the floor, your up-limit switch may need to be moved closer to the motor unit. A quality opener comes with an adjustment screw that controls the amount of force that the motor is allowed to exert on the door in order to avoid closing or stopping on foreign objects.

It is also possible that a build-up of dust or debris has blocked the safety sensors, which can cause the system to malfunction. You should contact a professional to clean the sensors and realign them.

Garage door rollers, sometimes called the "wheels," are what allows your garage door to smoothly roll up and down the track. They are great at their job but like any other mechanical part, they can wear out if not properly lubricated and maintained.

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They may start to squeal or drag as they move along the track and you can also see them rubbing against the bottom of your garage door. A squeaky, noisy or damaged roller usually means it is time to replace them.

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